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Crown is a large international company with a turnover of US$7 billion. The company operate 185 plants in 43 countries in three main Divisions organized along geographical lines and it is one of the worlds packaging manufacturers. Crown have locations both in America, Asia-Pasific and Europe

American Headquaters
Crown Holdings, Inc.
One Crown Way
Philadelphia, PA 19154-4599
Main Phone:
(215) 698-5100

European Division Headquarters (includes Middle East and Africa)
Le Colisée I
rue Fructidor
75830 Paris Cedex 17

Main Phone:
+33 1 49 18 40 00

Asia-Pacific Division Headquarters

Crown Holdings, Inc.
10 Hoe Chiang Road #19-01/02
Keppel Towers
Singapore 089315

Main Phone:
(65) 6423-9798

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